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Surveillance video shows one of two attempted kidnappings of young children that occurred early Wednesday evening in south Glendale.

Surveillance video shows an attempted kidnapping that occurred in Glendale on Aug. 10, 2016.
Surveillance video shows an attempted kidnapping that occurred in Glendale on Aug. 10, 2016.

The video, obtained by KTLA Thursday, was recorded from a store near the site of the first of two incidents that occurred within 1 mile and about 25 minutes of each other.

A Glendale police spokesman said late Wednesday evening that police were seeking surveillance video in the two incidents.

In the grainy video received by KTLA, a person approaches a mother standing on the sidewalk, bending down over the mother’s stroller. After a second, the mother seems to angrily push the person’s hands away, prompting the individual to leave.

A parked car partially obscures the view of what’s happening in the video.

The confrontation occurred at 5:11 p.m. at the intersection of Chevy Chase Drive and Adams Street, according to Glendale police. The would-be kidnapper stopped her car at the curb, got out and approached the mother, who was walking her 14-month-old in a stroller.

The woman said something like “You’re so cute” and tried to unbuckle the toddler from the stroller, police said.

Police arrived soon after the woman fled, the surveillance video shows.

The would-be kidnapper was described as a Hispanic woman in heavy, layered winter clothing. She drove away in a small white or silver compact car, which may have a license plate beginning with “7YH” or “7HY,” police said.

At 5:35 p.m., an 8-year-old boy called 911 from John Marshall Elementary School at Chevy Chase Drive and Broadway, saying someone had tried to kidnap his younger brother. A news release said the younger child was 2, while a police spokesman said he was 3.

In that case, the person approached the children and picked up the younger boy, again saying something like “you’re so cute,” police said. The nearby mother intervened, striking the person’s hand, prompting the person to flee in a small, four-door silver sedan, police said.

The older boy and the mother gave differing descriptions of the attacker’s gender, but Glendale Police Department Sgt. Robert William said Wednesday that may be due to the traumatic nature of the experience.

Investigators believe the same person or persons was involved in both incidents, William said.

“Any person that’s willing to stop a car, get out of the vehicle and approach a child, in my opinion, is very, very dangerous. Whether it’s a mental health issue or if it’s a child abduction, it really doesn’t matter. … I don’t think it would matter to any parent,” William said.