Glendale Man Plans to Sue Hospital After MRI Mishap Causes Burn Injury

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A 72-year-old Glendale man says he is suing a local hospital after a MRI mishap in 2016 caused a burn injury that has had lasting effects.

Nick Kruth provided this photo of himself after a routine MRI left him with a burn injury in the Summer of 2016.
Nick Kruth provided this photo of himself after a routine MRI left him with a burn injury in the Summer of 2016.

Nick Kruth, who has diabetes, went to Glendale Adventist Medical Center after experiencing low blood pressure and weakness in his legs in the Summer of 2016.

Routine tests ordered by doctors included an electrocardiogram and an MRI.

Kruth told KTLA that a tab from the EKG containing metal was left on his stomach before a technician placed him into the MRI machine.

He said he felt severe pain and complained, while the technician occasionally asked him if he wanted to stop. But he said he was confused and uncertain of anything other than his agony.

“So I think at that time, ‘maybe if I’m gonna die in there, let me die,’” Kruth recalled.

When it was all over, a technician discovered a hole in his side, where the tab and metal had burned deep into his flesh. Kruth said the wound was almost 2 inches deep.

“She opened up the gown and said, ‘Oh my God,’” Kruth said.

Kruth’s son, Sam, started documenting the injury with his cellphone.

“He did describe that when they peeled it off, it was still sizzling, like a cooking egg,” Sam Kruth said. “Some flesh went with it too.”

A year and a half later, Kruth said his burn still hasn’t healed properly. He’s still feels pain and discomfort, and has since retained attorneys to file a lawsuit against the hospital. He said the hospital hasn’t apologized for the accident, which has continued to give him nightmares.

Conal Doyle, Kruth’s attorney, said the technician ignored his client’s pleas for help.

“They didn’t do a good enough job checking when he went in,” Jim Bulger, another attorney, said.

KTLA reached out to the hospital for comment, but did not hear back on Tuesday.

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