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The Glendale Police Department arrested a man and a boy after they were spotted allegedly trying to steal a catalytic converter from a vehicle, authorities said.

The pair was seen attempting to steal the converter at about 3:40 a.m., and they attempted to flee the scene in the 600 block of West Doran Street, but an officer on patrol spotted the car make an illegal left turn and pulled them over, police said.

When police approached the car, they spotted a reciprocating saw in the backseat, police said, as well as two additional saw blades and a flashlight.

When speaking with the driver, a male juvenile, and the passenger, 26-year-old Jonathan Gonzalez of Los Angeles, the officers learned “that they did attempt to cut a catalytic converter from a vehicle, but were not successful,” police said in a release.

The minor and Gonzalez were arrested and booked for grand theft, police said.

No further information was available.

The Glendale Police Department discovered a reciprocating saw in the vehicle of a pair accused of attempted catalytic converter theft. (GPD)