Glendale has a zero-tolerance policy on street racing, and to help enforce the city’s laws, the Glendale Police Department uses a MD 520N helicopter that it shares with its counterparts in Burbank.

The helicopter is outfitted with a high-tech computer-linked camera system that can measure how fast a car is going and track its location, allowing that information to be relayed to ground units and making it all but impossible for racers to get away.

“If someone were trying to evade us, going onto a dark street under a tree and get out of the car in complete darkness, we would see them clear as day with the infrared camera,” said pilot Steve Conaway.

More than 100 arrests were made for street racing in Glendale last year, police said.

“We mean zero tolerance. If we catch anyone participating in those activities, they will be arrested and their vehicles will be impounded,” Sgt. Christian Hauptmann said.