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Amid record-breaking heat expected this week, Gov. Gavin Newsom reminded residents about the importance of conserving energy when temperatures rise.

During an address Wednesday afternoon, Newsom discussed ways Californians can stay safe from extreme heat, the strain the extreme weather will place on the grid, and state actions to respond to immediate emergencies.

“One thing I don’t need to remind you of as you walk out your door today – how hot it’s gotten,” Newsom said. “We’re used to record-breaking temperatures, maybe a day or two, more episodic, but this is an extended period, and as a consequence, it’s going to require us to extend our thinking and our imagination in terms of keeping people healthy, keeping people safe and to make sure that we are working to address our engird needs and energy reliability.”

The National Weather Service issued an Excessive Heat Warning from 11 a.m. Wednesday until 8 p.m. Monday for most of Southern California, including Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley, Orange County, San Bernardino County, the Santa Clarita Valley and many other communities.

California ISO issued Flex Alert for Wednesday and more are expected throughout the remainder of the week and Labor Day weekend.

The mercury hit 108 degrees in Woodland Hills Wednesday afternoon, setting a new record. Temperatures are expected to reach 100 degrees in Los Angeles and could reach 116 degrees in some inland areas, including Palm Springs, on Sunday and Monday.

Newsom urged residents to cut back on electricity use between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., set thermostats to 78 degrees, avoid using large appliances and turning off unnecessary lights. He even urged Californians who are planning to be away from home during the holiday to set their thermostat to 85 while they are away.

More tips on how to conserve energy during a heat wave are available here.

Newsom touted the state’s efforts to conserve energy amid other extreme heat waves in the last two years, and indicated residents can do their part again.

“Let us work together with the sense of purpose that we often always do to meet this challenge as it relates to energy reliability this next week head on. Again, no one denies that heat waves have existed long before climate change, but their duration and their intensity have never been more challenging,” Newsom said. “Stay safe, hydrate, make sure you’re taking care of your loved ones, particularly your seniors.”