The Ventura County Fire Department has hired some new four-legged firefighters to help clear brush surrounding the fire prone Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum.  

The 700 grass-eating goats will be contained by fencing in order to focus their grazing and cover more ground quickly.  

According to Ventura Brush Goats, the organization providing the furry firefighters, goats eat about 4% of their body weight each day and are able to clear large swathes of brush, noxious and invasive weeds in a much safer and less expensive way than other methods.  

  • Brush eating goats in Ventura County
  • Brush eating goats in Ventura County

They will also have several K-9 guards who will protect the goats from predators like coyotes and mountain lions.  

Officials estimate that it will take two weeks for the goats to clear the grounds.