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The Griffith Observatory is closing for two weeks beginning Monday for a series of projects designed to make the popular tourist attraction safer and more accessible.

The work requires the complete closure of the observatory from April 22 through May 6, according to the observatory’s website.

Four major projects will be taking place around the Observatory building and will also impact pedestrian and vehicle access.

No vehicles or bikes will be allowed on Vermont Canyon Road past the Greek Theatre or in the Observatory’s parking lots. East and West Observatory Roads will also be closed.

Vehicles traveling on Ferndell Drive will be stopped after the Section 9 Parking lot, which closes at Sunset.

There will be limits on pedestrian access to the Observatory hilltop as well, including some days where all access will be prohibited for safety reasons.

Those dates are listed on the Observatory’s website.

Signs alerting hikers will be posted, according to officials.

“We truly regret the inconvenience, but we know the Observatory will be a safer and easier place to visit once this work is done,” a statement from the Observatory read.

The Observatory is normally open to the public Tuesday through Sunday and offers free admission.

Note: The Observatory is owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles, Department of Recreation and Parks.

A map was provided on the Griffith Observatory website.
A map was provided on the Griffith Observatory website.