Most of the Griffith Park ponies have received new forever homes as officials continue to meet about what to do when the ride officially closes later this month.

The iconic attraction will be open for its last full day of operation on Dec. 21 after the city decided not to renew the lease of operator Stephen Weeks.

Weeks addressed the closure in a Dec. 5 Facebook post.

“We have enjoyed serving you for 74 years. Thank you supporting us, all the ponies and animals in the petting zoo over the years. We will miss you,” a portion of the message read.

Park officials said they will seek input from the public during a meeting Thursday on how to replace the attraction.

Animal rights groups have claimed for years that the ponies were being mistreated and overworked. There were also allegations that ponies died on the property without being reported.

Animal activist Maria Rios said last week that the closure was appropriate.

“These animals aimlessly go around in circles all day long, for seven to eight hours a day … we think that there is a better way to teach empathy and consideration to the future,” Rios said.

Weeks has denied all allegations of abuse, saying that the operation is up to code and passed all inspections.

The Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks will make the final decision on what is to become of the site, but it is expected to ultimately remain a place for children and families.

Meanwhile, the attraction’s more than 30 ponies were in need of new homes.

As of Wednesday, new homes have been found for 25 of the ponies ahead of the holidays, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Weeks told the Times his decision to sell the ponies has been hard not only on himself, but on his employees.

“It’s almost like saying goodbye to a family pet,” he said.