New details are emerging about the shooting at the parking garage of an Erewhon Market near The Grove last week.

Los Angeles Police Department officials have told KTLA that the victim and the shooter, who emerged from a Lamborghini, knew each other prior to the violent altercation.

The incident stemmed from a supposed business dispute, police said. Security footage from inside the garage showed men arguing leading to a third man joining the scuffle as the confrontation spilled onto the street.

Eventually, one of the original men involved in the dispute pulled out a gun and began firing.

As the victim is on the ground, the shooting suspect is seen running back into the garage with his hand over his left pocket.

By the time police arrived, the victim was already gone. Authorities said he jumped into a black Mercedes Benz and drove himself to the hospital where he was later located and questioned.  

The unidentified victim survived was said to be in stable condition.

Despite video evidence of the shooting and several witness statements, police told KTLA that, at this point, they are not pursuing charges in the case. Police did not say why.

Pete Wilgoren contributed to this report.