A Burbank family that transformed their home into a haunted house won first place for their unique design in the city’s competition.  

Michael Reyes, his wife and two kids are the masterminds behind the spooky structure, much of which is created with recycled materials, repurposing items from around the house and the backyard.  

There is the Mardi Gras theme with Voodoo Alley complete with zombies and skulls or scare-seekers can check out a swamp on the lower level where there’s an alligator lurking in the waters.  

“This has become multiple art projects put together all into one every year,” Reyes said.  

Though the family took some time off at the height of the pandemic, creating the haunted house has been a yearly tradition, and the Reyes’ are excited to be up and running again.  

“With all the things going on in the world, COVID – we actually stopped during the COVID years. So, we’re getting back into it. We just want people to come out back out,” Reyes told KTLA. “It’s safe and we want everyone to have a good time.” 

Reyes said he learned how to do a lot of the designs from his father, who used to decorate his childhood home, and now he’s passing the tradition on to his kids.  

“I grew up a few blocks away from here in Burbank, and my dad used to decorate like this too. So, I think we’ve continued that on,” Reyes said.