A man arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in February was released on bail, but four months later is the current suspect in another DUI crash that killed a 21-year-old woman in Playa Del Rey.

The man is out on bail again, authorities say, leaving the woman’s family heartbroken and “disgusted” with the justice system.

Jennifer Bledsoe Bean was killed on June 12 when she was hit by the alleged drunk driver on Vista Del Mar near Dockweiler Beach.

Her friends and family say they are outraged that the suspect in her death had previous arrests for driving drunk behind the wheel.

“My sister was 21. She had dreams. She was also a family-oriented person. She loved her life and her death was preventable,” said Tiffany Lewis, Bean’s sister.

Through tears, she described her sister as a compassionate and caring person who was simply leaving a bonfire when a truck, allegedly driven by 27-year-old Neal Cooper, plowed into her car.

“Every bone in my beautiful baby’s body was shattered and I’m mad,” Jennifer’s mother, Jedon Bledsoe told KTLA.

A deadly crash in Playa Del Rey left a 21-year-old woman dead on June 12, 2022 (LAPD)

At a press conference Monday, Los Angeles Police Department detectives announced that they were able to author search warrants to obtain the event recorder in Cooper’s vehicle.

“We were able to reconstruct the collision and the moments before that and he was caught close to 100 miles an hour,” said Detective James Dickson with the LAPD.

On learning that Cooper had previously been arrested on suspicion of DUI just fourth months earlier in Manhattan Beach, Jennifer’s family said they were shocked and disgusted and are looking for answers as to how he could have had his bail reduced and be released, despite being involved in a deadly crash.

“My baby’s body was demolished, pulverized. And he’s still walking around,” Jedon Bledsoe said.

Cooper faces possible charges for vehicular homicide. He is due back in court on Sept. 26.