After Mudflow, Officials to Continue Monitoring Hillside Threatening 14 Homes in Encino

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About a dozen homeowners in an Encino neighborhood are keeping a close on eye on a hillside Tuesday after a mudflow left one home damaged and a guest house red-tagged the night before. The debris flow prompted officials to issue voluntary evacuations of 14 other homes in the neighborhood. Although rains eased up Tuesday night, the orders remained in place with more precipitation expected Wednesday and Thursday. A Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety geologist was asked to come out Tuesday and determine whether those evacuations would stay, be removed, or become mandatory. The geologist will continue to examine the hillside throughout the week, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesperson Erik Scott said. Five of the homes appear to be in a more direct threat of another mudslide than the others, Scott said. Monday night’s mudflow hit just before 5 p.m. in the 17900 block of Boris Drive. Satellite imagery showed the debris flow was about 250 feet by 30 feet wide, and eight feet deep to a bedrock beneath, Scott said. The force behind the mudslide was very powerful. “Enough to uproot trees and to take that guest home and slide it off its foundation,” Scott said. The main home, which was yellow-tagged, saw about 5 feet of mud and debris enter through a large window into a bathroom on the west side of the house, Scott said. “That just gives a little bit of an idea of the power that can come behind some mudslides or debris flows when we have the impact of rain,” he told KTLA.”

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