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A woman was in critical condition Monday morning after being struck head-on by a car while riding a bike in the Green Meadows are of South L.A., police said.

The incident occurred Sunday night just before 11 p.m. in the 8700 block of South Central Avenue, said Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Michelle Thompson.

The victim, described as a black woman in her late 50s, was carrying a lot of personal property as she rode southbound on her three-wheel bike and dropped something, police said. She stooped to pick the item up when she was hit by a car in the northbound lane, according to Thompson.

Witnesses told police a few other passing cars had swerved to avoid the victim before the encounter in which she was struck.

She sustained multiple injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital, officials said.

Officers did not release a description of the suspect or vehicle involved.

No further details were immediately available.

Correction: A previously version of this article made an erroneous mention of the victim being fatally struck.