Disabled Canadian hockey players may have to end their season early after their equipment was stolen over the weekend while they were in Irvine for a tournament.

The specialized equipment was inside a U-Haul that was taken while it was parked outside the team’s hotel Saturday night.

When members of the Edmonton Storm woke up the next morning, the truck was no longer outside the SpringHill Suites.

The vehicle was later left near Pacific Avenue and Stanford Street in Santa Ana, video provided by the Irvine Police Department showed. The driver then appeared to get into either a Chrysler PT Cruiser or a Chevrolet HHR.

About 27 bags of equipment were stolen, and the team was able to get about half of the bags back thanks to an Apple AirTag one of the players had in one of the bags. The items were tracked to a house in Santa Ana, but no arrests have been made.

Team members are still hopeful someone will help them get back on the ice. The team is comprised of players who haven’t let their disabilities stop them from playing the game they love.

“It’s devastating. Without the equipment, we can’t practice. We were supposed to have another tournament at the end of January, so that’s kind of on hold, it might not happen now,” Kendra Erhardt told KTLA.

Jordan Bilan, the team’s equipment manager and trainer, said his “heart dropped” when he realized the equipment was gone. He said the value of the stolen items is more than $35,000.

Brad Whyte, another player said some of his personal property was also inside the U-Haul.
“A lot of us are on fixed incomes, we don’t have money to replace this stuff,” he said.

One thing that is irreplaceable, is their jerseys that feature a special patch in remembrance of a teammate they lost to suicide earlier this year.

“All those Oiler jerseys have our last name on it,” Atif Farhat said. “That patch for Zack, means everything to us. So you guys, give our damn stuff back. It’s unbelievable that you could do that.”