Hogs, Piglets Rescued From ‘Deplorable Conditions’ at Jurupa Valley Ranch: Officials

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Nine hogs and eight piglets were rescued Monday from a Jurupa Valley property whose owners were warned last month they must improve the animals’ housing conditions or else face repercussions, officials said.

The rescue operation will likely continue Tuesday as horses and goats remain at the property on the 10600 block of Jurupa Road in the Mira Loma neighborhood, where authorities have been investigating animal neglect since mid-February, the Riverside County Department of Animal Services said in a news release.

Along with severely muddy terrain and grazing areas littered with trash, officials were concerned the pigs were not being supplied suitable food or enough water.

“The hogs were being fed rotting produce and the horse pens were layered in mud and feces,” Animal Services Sgt. Lorena Barron-Lopez said. “The conditions were deplorable.”

When authorities first visited the ranch on Feb. 19, they issued a notice-of-violation citation, ordering the landowners to improve conditions.

Cows were also removed from the property after Animal Services contacted a state brand inspector to address ownership concerns, officials said.

After several visits to the ranch, investigators determined the owner was not taking the issues seriously, and a seizure notice was posted at the property in early March.

“Officers attempted to give the owner ample time to handle the muddy conditions and remove debris, but the owner failed to correct the matter,” the news release states.

Officers responded Monday to remove the hogs, a hefty process that took several hours with some of them estimated to weigh more than 500 pounds, Animal Services said.

The pigs were rescued ahead of the horses and goats since it seemed the hogs were not getting enough water.

The 17 adult and juvenile pigs were taken to Jurupa Valley animal shelter, where staff described them as appearing very dehydrated, officials said.

Temperatures reached 83 degrees in Riverside on Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

Animal Services said it plans with work with its rescue partners to find the hogs a new home.

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