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The California agency that oversees workplace safety has issued a $57,120 fine to Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center after a nurse died from COVID-19, one of the largest employer penalties handed out during the pandemic.

California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health began investigating the Los Angeles hospital after the death of charge nurse Celia Marcos in April. The Times previously reported that Marcos raced into the room of a COVID-19 patient without proper protective gear. She died 14 days later.

The Cal/OSHA citations, dated Sept. 25, do not reference Marcos by name. But the investigators found unsafe exposures among staff on April 3, the date that Marcos was exposed, according to Times reporting. The OSHA report also refers to a staff member who died April 17, the date of Marcos’ death.

The fine “affirms what we’ve known for a long time,” said Adriane Carrier, director of education for SEIU121RN, the hospital’s nurses union. “This hospital, like so many, did not do due diligence to protect its workers.”

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