Homes Near Lake Elsinore Flood Channel Face Uncertain Future After Heavy Rains

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A flood control channel in Lake Elsinore has become a major problem for homeowners living along the banks after recent heavy rainfalls caused major erosion. In the Alvarado area of Lake Elsinore, one home has already been destroyed and more are now sitting precariously close to the edge. Residents said the channel is normally dry, but Thursday morning, it was a raging river. Trees and large debris rushed by as the walls of the banks crumbled. Witnesses saw some small outbuildings of one home drop off and get completely washed away. Friday morning, the waters had subsided, but some homes had already suffered damage and others face an uncertain future. Public officials are assessing the area to see what actions must be taken. “We are worried about it falling down. The erosion is, like you said, up to the property line. We don’t know how unstable the soil is, so that’s probably going to get red-tagged,” Capt. Hernando Herrera with Cal Fire said. “Some of the plumbing is exposed. We had a gas leak earlier that we took care of, but because it’s right underneath the foundation, it could do at any time. We don’t know what the future of that house holds or whether it’s going to be standing the next few days.” Authorities may not be able to make a full assessment soon, as more rain is expected in the next few days.

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