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When Glendale Pony Rescue stepped in to save a horse from being sent to the slaughterhouse, they didn’t realize they were in for a big surprise.

In her glory days, Nori was a polo horse. But the horse, who according to the rescue group was skinny and appeared to have been abused, ended up at an auction in Mira Loma and then at Pony Rescue.

For the past two months, volunteers have been working to get her back in good health and to find her a good home. However, they were recently surprised to learn that Nori was pregnant.

They’re currently looking for her original owners in order to get her medical history to ensure she doesn’t have any medical conditions that could make pregnancy difficult.

Kimberly Cheng reports from Glendale for the KTLA 5 News at 11 on Aug. 14, 2014.