HOT Clinic performs appointment based antibody testing in Burbank

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As California works to open more COVID-19 testing sites, alternatives are also increasing for those wondering if they’ve already been exposed to the virus and have developed antibodies.

The HOT Clinic, which describes itself as a hormone optimization clinic, is administering antibody tests through the weekend at the St. Leon Armenian Cathedral in Burbank.

The test requires a finger prick from the patient and costs $95, according to a HOT Clinic Facebook post.

Appointments must be made online for the tests, which the clinic says are FDA registered and 96% accurate.

Patients do not need to get out of their cars and should be given verbal results in about 10 minutes, according to the clinic.

An antibody study released earlier this week showed between 221,000 and 442,000 Los Angeles County residents may have been infected with the coronavirus at some point. 

The study was conducted by the University of Southern California and the county’s public health department. 

Stanford conducted a similar study to determine that between 2.5% and 4.2% of Santa Clara County residents had antibodies to the new coronavirus in their blood by early April. 

And blood samples taken from about 3,000 New Yorkers indicated that nearly 14% had developed antibodies to potentially fight a coronavirus infection. 

It is not known how much protection antibodies provide or how long that immunity might last. 

The opening of the HOT Clinic’s test site comes as the state is also ramping up swab-testing to diagnose people currently infected with COVID-19.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has identified testing as one of the key elements to eventually relaxing the states stay at home orders.

At the end of March, California was averaging about 2,000 tests per day.

Newsom believes that with hundreds of sites now offering swab-based testing, up to 80,000 tests per day will be possible.

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