Six Flags Magic Mountain is ready to open its new Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage roller coaster to the public, but first, KTLA’s Samantha Cortese will show you what it’s like to experience one of the nation’s tallest and longest single-rail coasters. 

Sam had a front-row seat to ride the park’s 20th roller coaster and had to admit she was “a little nervous.”

Just getting strapped in to the ride can be intimidating since there is no one sitting to your left or your right. 

“It’s just you with the track,” said Elizabeth Ringas of American Coaster Enthusiasts, who was seated on the coaster behind Sam. 

Then it was time to experience the Wonder Woman ride’s 131 foot climb, three inversions and its 3,300- foot long track at a top speed of 58 mph. 

A few tears and screams later, Sam was back in the roller coaster’s hub safe and sound. 

“I am so thankful to be one of the first to ride this because I know how record breaking this is for the amusement park industry.”

Wonder Woman: Flight of Courage officially opens to the public on Saturday.