A nurse is hoping the public can help identify the man who set her car ablaze in Westlake.

“My coworker asked if I was parked in the south parking lot,” said Sofia de la Rocha. “I said yes, and he said, ‘I think your car is on fire.'”

The employees at Country Villa Rehabilitation Center on Alvarado Street spotted the burning Volkswagen Tiguan as de la Rocha was finishing her shift on Monday.

“I just felt violated. I felt sad, angry, shocked to see my car explode,” she said.

The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to put out the blaze, but de la Rocha “thought right away that someone lit it on fire, because it had been parked there for eight hours.”

Surveillance video confirmed her instinct, as a person could be seen walking to the front right tire before they lit something on fire, dropped it and walked away a few moments before the blaze began to grow.

De la Rocha said she doesn’t think she has any enemies who would do this, and the LAFD told KTLA the exact cause of the fire is still be determined, and as of Friday, there are no suspects.

Instead of being angry at the apparent arsonist, de la Rocha said she feels for him.

“I hope he’s OK because obviously there is something mentally wrong with this person, and I work with people like that a lot, so I just hope that he is doing OK and doesn’t do that to anybody else,” she said.