After weeks of decline, gas prices are rising once again around Los Angeles where the average price is $5.62 for a gallon of regular unleaded.

Within the last week, the price of gas has risen 20 cents, a return to the monthslong spike that led to record gas prices this summer.

“Oh my gosh. I only work five minutes down the road and I’m so cautious with how much I’m driving right now,” Noah Finn of Studio City told KTLA.

The reason for the spike? A string of planned and unplanned refinery maintenance, experts say.

“Until those refineries get fully operational again, these pump prices are going to be volatile and may not come down until we see more inventory in the marketplace,” said Doug Shupe of the Auto Club of Southern California.

Shupe said there is hope that November will bring some relief at the pump.

“That’s when winter blend fuel can enter the marketplace here in California. That winter blend fuel is cheaper to produce and so it’s cheaper for consumers at the gas pump,” he said.

Until then, customers are encouraged to shop around for lower prices, or at least avoid some shockingly high costs like those in downtown Los Angeles, where gas was a whopping $7.75 at one location.

“To see prices like this, I don’t see how people can pay that,” said Felipe Agurre.