‘I just pray to God that nobody’s next’: Hospital workers hold vigil for 2nd coworker who died of COVID-19

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After 62-year-old Sally Lara, a hospital worker, passed away from the novel coronavirus, her coworkers held a vigil in her honor Thursday in Riverside.

Lara had been working in the Riverside Community Hospital lab for several years. When the pandemic hit, she grew very concerned, speaking out about the short supply of personal protective equipment available to caregivers. But she kept on working despite the lack of protection.

“Sally was always concerned about how we had to reuse and she made it very known to everybody at the laboratory, even management, that this is not right,” Jeannette Kostial, a lab assistant said.

Lara is the second at the hospital to succumb to COVID-19. Last month, Rosa Luna, an environmental services housekeeper, passed away.

“At first it’s, ‘Oh this can’t happen to you, this can’t happen to us,’ and then when it hits so close to home and it takes one of your coworkers which you look at as family, and you see them more than you see your own family, it brings it really close to home,” Kostial said.

“I just pray to God everyday that nobody’s next and that we’re all gonna make it,” said Alma Lopez, another hospital worker.

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