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The Los Angeles Dodgers hosted a dream wedding for one of their own Friday and marked the progress the LGBTQ+ community has made in the sports world.

Erik Braverman, a senior vice president for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and his groom, software engineer and model Jonathan Cottrell, tied the knot at Dodger Stadium.

“We’re standing in my office right now. To be able to celebrate at Dodger Stadium and to have the biggest day of my life here, it’s like tying a nice bow around everything in my life,” said Braverman, 51.

“I just feel this excitement and a feeling of peace. This is such a happy day that feels so right,” Cottrell said.

Braverman, who joined the organization about 15 years ago, became one of the highest-ranking people in sports to publicly come out as gay in 2015.

In front of about 75 family and friends, the happy couple exchanged vows on the pitcher’s mound.

“To be able to come to the venue where I thought I would have to hide my identity, my private life, for so long and to be able to actually celebrate the biggest day of my life at the place where I work, Dodger Stadium, a historic venue, marrying the man that I love, I never envisioned this day would happen,” Braverman said.

The Dodgers organization was very supportive of the nuptials.

“They told me to wear a blue suit today. I have my blue shades on with my blue mask. It’s an all-blue event, and again, I’m very proud to be here,” said Stan Kasten, Dodgers president.

Aside from celebrating their love, the newlyweds noted that their marriage is a sign of progress and how far the sports world has come.

“I want the young people to see, no matter how different they feel than those around them, there’s a place for them and they can be celebrated,” Cottrell said.