It’s one-of-a-kind story just in time for Mother’s Day: two identical twin sisters in Yorba Linda shared their pregnancy journey at the same time and now get to experience the joy of motherhood after giving birth on the same day.

Erin Cheplak and Jill Justiniani are identical twins born just a minute apart. As is often the case with identical twins, their experiences often overlap and their lives sometimes intersect in unlikely ways.

Erin got pregnant this past year with her husband, Zach Cheplak. Jill was also pregnant at the same time with her husband, Ian. Jill was due a little more than one week before Erin’s baby was expected.

Jill was scheduled to deliver her baby at the hospital via C-section on Thursday. While Jill was getting ready to deliver, Erin’s water broke.

The Cheplaks rushed to the hospital where Erin went into labor. Jill gave birth via C-section as planned; meanwhile, Erin gave birth a few hours later, just before midnight, ten days earlier than expected.

Both sisters gave birth to baby boys, and that’s not where the coincidences stop. The cousins, Silas and Oliver, miraculously weighed in at the exact same weight (7 pounds, 3 ounces) and measured the same length (20 inches).

Zach Cheplak, who is also a twin himself, said his birthday was on Friday, and the birth of his son, Silas, was the perfect early birthday present.

Both moms spent their Mother’s Day recovering from labor, relaxing and spending time with their new bundles of joy.