‘I’m starting to black out’: LAPD releases bodycam video of violent confrontation with man at Harbor station

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Los Angeles police on Wednesday released bodycam video of a violent encounter at the department’s Harbor station, where a man attacked an officer, took his gun and shot into the building late last month.

The Sept. 26 incident occurred about 10 p.m. at the station located at 2175 John S. Gibson Blvd. in the Wilmington area.

The Los Angeles Times previously obtained surveillance footage of the attack that left the officer injured and bleeding. The new video shows the incident from the perspective of the officer.

Jose Guzman is shown in a booking photo released by the Los Angeles Police Department on Oct. 7, 2020.
Jose Guzman is shown in a booking photo released by the Los Angeles Police Department on Oct. 7, 2020.

The assailant—later identified as 29-year-old Jose Guzman, who has been charged—walked into the station after being seen acting erratically outside.

Recording from Officer Anthony Freeman’s camera shows Guzman getting in his face, using expletives and apparently taunting the officer.

Guzman then leaves briefly, before coming back and punching Freeman on the side of his face, the video shows. Guzman then gets in a boxing stance and strikes the officer again, knocking him backwards and to the floor.

Freeman struggles with the assailant, at one point trying to choke him, but Guzman gets ahold of his gun.

Guzman then pistol-whips the officer at least four times, the previously released video shows.

The assailant eventually gets up, points the gun at the officer and runs out.

A watch commander, Sgt. Robin Aguirre, soon goes to the lobby, where Freeman tells her the civilian has his gun, the video shows. The responding sergeant runs toward the door. From outside, Guzman fires into the station.

The sergeant runs for cover and at one point returns fire, the video shows.

A third officer then responds to the lobby, and they both go after Guzman, who gets in his truck and speeds off.

None of the officers suffered any gunshot wounds.

Meanwhile, the video shows the injured officer bleeding and audibly breathing hard as he asks for an ambulance.

He eventually gets on his knees and says “I’m starting to black out.”

In addition to the bodycam video, LAPD officials also released footage of the suspect’s arrest following a pursuit.

After Guzman stops his truck near Pacific Avenue and 17th Street, pursuing officers order him to get out of the vehicle with his hands up, video shows.

Police eventually tackle him to the ground and struggle to keep him down as Guzman screams and wails. They ultimately manage to handcuff him, footage shows. One of the officers says he thinks he broke his finger.

Police in the video released Wednesday called the takedown a “non-categorical use of force.”

Guzman sustained minor abrasions during the arrest. He was medically treated and was released for booking.

A booking photo also released Wednesday shows clear injuries on Guzman’s face.

A loaded 9mm Berretta semi-automatic pistol was recovered from the truck, according to LAPD.

Guzman has been charged with two counts each of attempted murder on a peace officer and assault with a semiautomatic firearm. He is also facing one felony count each of second-degree robbery, evading and resisting an officer, officials said.

The incident remains under investigation by multiple agencies.

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