It’s now Week 2 of the Writers Guild of America strike and both sides continue to be at a stalemate.

As writers continue to picket in front of studios day after day, they are getting support from celebrities across the industry.

Imagine Dragons put on an impromptu concert for demonstrators posted outside of Netflix’s Hollywood lot off Sunset Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon.

Lead singer Dan Reynolds and guitarist Wayne Sermon performed their hit “Radioactive” and “Whatever it Takes” for the crowd. The duo sang the hits while atop a bench outside the Netflix gates.

“What a beautiful day supporting the cause. We love you guys” Reynolds told the crowd, which was instantly filmed and posted to Twitter.

The crowd sang along and cheered on the band amid the cloudy Los Angeles day.

Afterward, TMZ cameras caught up with Reynolds to get him to comment about the performance and the strike.

“We just want fair compensation for people who put in the time and are incredible creators that drive so much of the entertainment that influences the world and we have many friends also, who are writers,” he explained.

As for the strike, both sides remain at an impasse.

Representatives for the WGA negotiating committee tell KTLA 5 they have no date to resume talks.

We have reached out to the Alliance for Motion Picture and Television Producers and have not heard back.