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A Stockton man accused of killing his grandfather confessed to the homicide and the slaying of another man in Northern California during an interview Friday with KTLA sister station KTXL.

Speaking out from the Sacramento County Jail, where he is being held, 25-year-old Richard Robinson admitted that he “beat” and “stabbed” his grandfather Thursday, the television station reported.

The victim, 87-year-old Kirby Robinson, was found dead on his front lawn, according to the Stockton Police Department.

Richard Robinson told KTXL that he went to his grandfather’s house in Stockton to steal, but that he hadn’t planned to attack him.

That same day, he drove his grandfather’s truck about 60 miles away to a Denny’s and fatally stabbed a 44-year-old transient behind the restaurant, according to the station.

When asked by KTXL why he killed both men, he responded, “Just cause I wanted to, I guess.”

Robinson showed no remorse for the fatal attacks, telling the reporter he “had thought about stabbing someone” a day earlier.

Flashing a half-smile, he said he felt “euphoric” after the stabbings.

Robinson was taken into custody after the second stabbing by deputies from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, who helped connect him to the Stocking killing, according to authorities.

“They began to run records checks on vehicles. They found one was wanted out of Stockton PD for a homicide that occurred in that same day,” Sgt. Tony Turnbull of Sheriff’s Department told the station.

Robinson said he has a history of mental illness, but was not taking any medication at the time. He also admitted to using drugs a few days earlier, but was “not high” during the incidents, according to KTXL.

He was charged in the Sacramento case and is expected in court Monday. Charges are pending in the Stockton homicide.