Remnants of Tropical Storm Kay caused torrential rains to wash out roads, consume cars, and even prompted search teams to scour collapsed buildings and homes to ensure people weren’t trapped or hurt.

Kay didn’t bring its full wrath to Southern California, but it did leave a muddy mess, making for one very lengthy cleanup.

Karen Pierce’s brother owns Oak Glen Steakhouse and Saloon. She was on site assessing the damage Tuesday.

“It poured rain but it sounded like rain coming through the canyon. It was gone, our mailbox, everything is gone,” Pierce said.

The restaurant still stands, but inside is where most of the damage is.

“The walls are still standing, so I think we’re good there. We’re devastated on the inside as pictures will show, the mud came up and over the roof and when it came over the roof it pushed through.”

Pierce added it was a miracle no one was inside.

Oak Glen Road remained shut down Tuesday as crews cleared mud and debris.

The National Weather Service says that around 3 p.m. Monday afternoon, about an inch of rain dumped onto the area, including the El Dorado Fire burn scar, in less than an hour.

The Inland Empire, becoming a hotspot for the rain through the weekend, faced evacuation orders in Oak Glen and in Forest Falls.