Just when the temperatures started to cool down, the heat seeped back into Southern California. Residents in the Inland Empire are feeling the heat wave as temperatures in some areas reach triple digits. 

Many parks were empty as residents and community members remained inside to avoid the heat. 

Don Ramos, a Rancho Cucamonga resident who walks laps at Hermosa Park with his dog, cut his exercise short, as temperatures climbed to the 90s just before noon. 

“It’s bearable, but it’s getting a little warm for her so I’m ready to take her home,” he said.

Other residents who chose to have a picnic to soak up the sun said they are keeping cool by “wiping ourselves down” and “throwing cold water in our face.” 

The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for several cities across SoCal, including some in the Inland Empire which could reach triple digits through Saturday. 

“Highs are generally expected to range 7-15 degrees above normal,” said Elizabeth Adams from the NWS. “That’s generally across northern portions of the Inland Empire so areas up toward Ontario, San Bernardino and Riverside.”