The Orange County Superior Court is investigating after a judge who was issuing search warrants while assigned to night duty was found to have been doing the job while out of the country.

Judge Nicholas S. Thompson was allegedly conducting business as the court’s night judge and issuing warrants to law enforcement while in an undisclosed foreign country, the court said in a news release. The Orange County Register reported that Thompson was on vacation in Canada when he issued at least 19 warrants using a court-issued tablet.

As required by the court, the judge assigned to night magistrate duty is not permitted to leave the state while on duty.

The court said Wednesday that steps have been taken to “cease the practice and work with our justice partners to ameliorate possible legal issues stemming from this matter.”

It’s unclear at this time if any legal cases could be affected by Thompson’s remote work. An investigation by both the Orange County Superior Court and local law enforcement is underway.

While the Court, as any other organization, can’t always be free of problems, it is always working hard to deal with issues with transparency and expediency for the benefit of our community,” court officials said.

Thompson has since been moved to a daytime shift in a courtroom at the Fullerton courthouse, the OC Register said.