Authorities are investigating after a truck displaying antisemitic messages was seen driving around West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

The vehicle was spotted in Beverly Hills before making its way to West Hollywood over the weekend.

It had antisemitic messages written all over it, with the occupants inside screaming hate-filled speech and racist verbal attacks at people walking around the street, video obtained by KTLA showed.

Other videos showed a caravan following the truck.

Authorities said multiple people and vehicles are involved, and it’s being described as a hate incident.

Since no victims have come forward, however, it’s being investigated as non criminal.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is working with Beverly Hills police in the investigation.

Officials have identified the license plate on the truck and are working to determine who rented it.

The city of West Hollywood spoke out against the incident, saying “hate has no place here.”

In a statement, West Hollywood Mayor Lauren Meister described the incident as “disturbing.”

“As a person of Jewish faith, I feel saddened and angered by the display of hate,” the statement read. “I also want to emphasize that if any member of our community feels threatened, they should call 911 immediately.”