A lucky group of 30 kids were selected by their school districts to receive the ultimate back to school package on Sunday in an event hosted by the East Side Riders Bike Club and the Hey Leche Foundation in Huntington Park.  

Attendees from Compton, Watts, Willbrook and the Huntington Park communities turned out for the event, with families receiving a laptop, $100 grocery gift card and kids getting a free backpack, new shoes and a haircut.  

“This is just a small drop in the bucket of what we’re trying to do here today. These families deserve so much more,” John Jones III, president and founder of the East Side Riders Bike Club, told KTLA. “We’re teaming up with Hey Leche Foundation for our fourth annual back to school giveaway.”  

Jones added that the pandemic set everyone in the community back and that it’s been a tough economic time for families.  

“It set us further back than we already were and it’s going to take us longer climb out of it than other communities,” he explained. “We’re just trying to give them that relief.”  

Thomas “Leche” Navarro of the Hey Leche Foundation was also on hand, giving out free haircuts.  

“We want to make sure the kids are looking right, and the haircut is probably one of the most important looks,” Navarro said.  

  • Ultimate back to school giveaway in South L.A.
  • Ultimate back to school giveaway in South L.A.
  • Ultimate back to school giveaway in South L.A.

Jones said that families from all walks of life in the South Los Angeles community were expected to attend the event.  

“This is something that we continue to do, listen to the community and find out ways we can give back and help them in those needs…where the government can’t help them, or they just can’t help themselves. We want to be that gap in between to help them,” he said.  

KTLA 5 Photojournalist Phil Ige reports.