Southern California coastal areas are bracing for more high tides this weekend, although the surf remained relatively calm Saturday morning, lowering the level of risk.

The so-called King Tides are expected to remain a threat to produce minor flooding through Monday for the Orange County coast, the National Weather Service said.

In Newport Beach, the high tide is expected to top seven feet on Saturday and Sunday, with Monday’s tide just short of seven feet.

While the “morning high tides could result in minor tidal overflow,” the surf is only expected to be between two and five feet, “which will limit the impacts of the high tides,” the NWS said.

It’s not only the high tides that coastal residents need to worry about, however.

“Extreme low tides around minus 2 feet may also impact boats in harbors and affect navigation,” the NWS said.

The NWS forecasted that the lowest low tides will be Saturday and Sunday morning.