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Are you a fan of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese? Do you love ice cream? Then this new treat might be perfect for you.

Kraft has taken their bright orange goodness to the freezer aisle with a limited edition, Van Leeuwen mac and cheese-flavored French ice cream.

“They told us we had to do something cool for #NationalMacAndCheeseDay. We took it literally,” Kraft said in their Instagram post introducing the cheesy product.

And though it’s already sold out, the company announced in another Instagram post that you can win their last few pints.

Luckily, the 5 Live crew got a sneak peak of the goodness this week (so you don’t have to?).

Robert Puente went straight to the source, the Van Leeuwen ice cream shop in Hollywood, where he braved the long line and scored three “teeny tiny” scoops for a taste test (they were already out of pints!).

“It’s very Kraft,” Robert proclaimed.

“Oh, my God. It’s very salty,” Bobby Gonzalez judged.

“I don’t know why, this makes sense,” Samantha Cortese said.

“It’s very jarring,” Bobby continued. “I don’t hate it.”

Samantha likened it to having cold, leftover mac and cheese in the morning, which is not a bad thing!

Consensus: It’s worth a try!