April is Armenian History Month in Los Angeles County, and all month long, KTLA is paying tribute to local Armenians who are making a positive impact in their community. 

They include a Glendale woman who started a business in the attic of her home and is now selling her products on store shelves around the world; a man who changed the way people eat by inventing the first modern food truck; a world-famous rock star; an NBA coach changing the game and more.

“As we prepare to commemorate the 107th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide later this month, it’s important to also take time to recognize the vibrant culture and contributions of our fellow Armenian neighbors, community members and leaders,” Supervisor Kathryn Barger said. “We are fortunate to have the Armenian spirit alive and thriving in Los Angeles County.”  

KTLA aired a special 30-minute segment on April 21, 2022.