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As the war in Ukraine continues to rage, KTLA 5 reporter Christina Pascucci has traveled to Ukraine to tell the stories of two humanitarian groups that will be providing aid to those in need.

She’s traveling with the Los Angeles-based nonprofit Children of War Foundation, as well as the Novick Global Cardiac Alliance, which will be bringing supplies and providing medical care for children.

Christina posted about her decision to travel to Ukraine on her Instagram page.

“Every day I reported here, my heart was there. I am headed to Ukraine with a brave team from the @childrenofwarfoundation that will perform life-saving surgeries for children who are a couple weeks to months old. I will be reporting from the ground. We recognize the risks and will assess constantly. Love you all,” she wrote.

On Sunday, Christina conducted a live interview with members of the volunteer group after having just landed in Krakow, Poland as they headed in the dark of night to the Ukrainian border. The humanitarian groups plan to focus their work in the embattled city of Lviv, which was recently the site of a Russian airstrike at a military base that resulted in dozens of deaths.

Christina will report about the crisis in Ukraine and the humanitarian effort for KTLA 5 while on the ground when she can safely do so.

You can follow Christina on her social media pages for continued updates on her travels.