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Los Angeles street artist Sabo has done it again, making over a billboard for Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” as yet another critique of rampant sex abuse in Hollywood and beyond.

In one instance, the political guerrilla artist superimposed the faces of wealthy tycoon Jeffrey Epstein and fugitive filmmaker Roman Polanski on a billboard featuring the film’s stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. Sabo retitled his faux flick starring the disgraced Epstein and Polanski “Once Upon a Time in … Pedowood” — a not-so-subtle dig at the men’s histories with underage girls.

“I’ve never prayed before a project, but I prayed before this one, in the names of all those children harmed by these monsters. I hope they all get caught and put behind bars,” Sabo wrote on the Unsavory Agents website, which took credit for the works and is selling prints of the posters. Sabo has previously run campaigns against short-lived Oscars host Kevin Hart, actress Meryl Streep and the Oscars for what he sees as promoting pedophilia.

The unflattering and potentially libelous modifications are some of many, and highlight the artist’s take on widespread predatory behavior in the entertainment industry.

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