On Tuesday, the Los Angeles City Council approved a measure for the city’s Street Transit Amenities Program that aims to install some 3,000 transit-stop shelters and 450 additional shade structures across the city.  

In the 12-1 vote, Tranzito-Vector was approved as the contractor to install, upgrade and maintain the shelters, which would include digital signs with bus arrival times.  

The decade-long agreement also includes plans to have digital advertisements on 700 of the structures.  

“We’re seeing this in all sorts of other cities,” Councilman Bob Blumenfield, chair of the council’s Public Works Committee, said. “We’re behind the curve on this. We’re in L.A. We need to be in front of this.” 

According to a presentation by the Bureau of Street Services, a third of the city’s 1,884 transit-shelters are more than 30 years old, half are more than 10 years old and 96% are over 10 years old.