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With April 1 fast approaching, Gov. Gavin Newsom and the L.A. City Council on Friday expanded efforts to prevent residential evictions during the coronavirus pandemic. But the governor and councilmembers dismissed calls for broader action that housing advocates say would have better protected tenants from losing their homes.

Through an executive order, Newsom announced a two-month delay on residential evictions for those who can’t pay their rent as a result of the virus — the first statewide action he has taken on evictions during the outbreak. But the order still allows renters to be removed from their apartments come June.

In Los Angeles, the City Council voted to prevent landlords from evicting tenants affected by the coronavirus, including those who have had to move in with family members and crowd apartments beyond what would be normally allowed under their leases. The council, however, fell short of enacting a complete ban on evictions by one vote.

The governor’s order covers those who have lost work because of the coronavirus and those who need to take care of children whose schools are closed or family members with COVID-19. Renters will eventually have to make up all the rent they owe.

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