The Los Angeles City Council voted to expand an anti-camping law to include two sites in Woodland Hills on Wednesday.

Councilman Bob Blumenfield introduced the resolution to expand the current law, which allows the city to designate specific areas for enforcement to prevent siting, lying, storing or maintaining personal property and obstructing the public right of way.

Blumenfield, who represents west San Fernando Valley, said homeless people at the two Woodland Hills locations would be offered social services and housing.

The anti-camping law can be enforced if there is a spike in crime, the encampment is blocking a critical corridor, or is near a school, the councilman said.

He added that in this case, there are reports of violent crimes and a sexual assault at the Woodland Hills camps.

The next step is the city will post signs at the encampments to give those living there at least two weeks notice before it is fully enforced.