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When David Ryu first ran for Los Angeles City Council, he swore off campaign money from real estate developers with L.A. projects, a move that became a selling point for him as a City Hall outsider.

Now, as Ryu runs for reelection, he has again pledged to steer clear of such donations. But some of his opponents argue that Ryu, who has already raised more than $780,000 for his campaign, has broken that promise.

Among the dozens of donations that his rivals have called into question are those from companies linked to Dae Yong Lee, who until recently was seeking to overhaul a Little Tokyo mall; a real estate investment company called First Serrano Apartment LLC; and the head of a Beverly Hills company specializing in commercial property.

“David Ryu claims he doesn’t take developer money — even going so far as to make it look like he’s leading the charge against developer money — but campaign finance records show he’s continued raising huge sums of developer dollars this whole time,” said screenwriter Sarah Kate Levy, who is running against Ryu. “He’s not doing what he said he would.”

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