As Russia continued its attack on Ukraine, Los Angeles City Hall on Saturday night lit up in yellow and blue, the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

“Angelenos stand with our Ukrainian brothers and sisters,” Mayor Eric Garcetti tweeted in sharing a photo of the historic downtown L.A. building.

The L.A. landmark was among several across the globe — including Empire State Building in New York City, the London Eye and the Eiffel Tower in Paris — to be illuminated in yellow and blue in a show of solidarity.

In Hollywood, protesters chanted “Save Ukraine!” as they decried the Russian invasion.

In Santa Monica, the marchers, who traveled from the Third Street Promenade to the Santa Monica Pier, called for international aid and weapons to be sent to Ukraine.

One protester, Alex Chalienko, wanted to emphasize how “real” the conflict is for those still in the Eastern European country.

“I’m real person from that city,” he said. “And a few days ago, the bomb just fall down near my father’s apartment.”

Another protester, Ira Kolomiets, said she’s reaching out to loved ones back in Ukraine with a simple question.

“We literally are asking, ‘Are you alive?'” she said.

Editor’s note: The above video contains footage of a protest that is incorrectly said to have taken place in Santa Monica. The footage is from a similar protest in Hollywood.