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When the Los Angeles City Council opens its 2021 term on Tuesday, Councilman Kevin de León will introduce a range of motions with the goal of creating 25,000 new housing units for homeless people by 2025.

The former state Senate president pro tem made homelessness a centerpiece of his run for the seat that represents skid row and includes the most homeless people in the city of Los Angeles. Since he took office in October, he’s repeatedly stated that local government lacks a “North Star” in its quest to solve the homelessness crisis.

In an interview, De León was light on details about how the city might generate enough housing to almost double the number of units available to homeless people. Still, he said it was useful to have an ambitious but attainable goal that elected officials and the public could rely on as a yardstick for success and failure.

“It’s very important that we have a benchmark,” said De León. “Something that’s real concrete, and that you can [use to] measure our success or lack thereof…. I think it’s really critical.”

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