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Los Angeles County has recovered the jobs it lost during the recession. But a new report says the region’s job base has shifted over the last 10 years, losing tens of thousands of higher-paying manufacturing and finance jobs and gaining lower-paying service jobs.

The report, released Wednesday by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., says that since 2007, L.A. County has lost 89,000 manufacturing jobs, which had an average wage of $70,100 in 2016.

More than half of these jobs were in durable goods manufacturing, such as computer or electronic products. About 15,500 apparel manufacturing jobs were lost during that time period.

Over the years, local garment makers have moved production to cheaper locations. Jeans maker Guess moved production to Mexico and South America, and apparel firm MGT Industries in L.A. moved production from Mexico to China and then Southeast Asia.

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