The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors this week approved a motion laying the groundwork to look into the possible closing of Whiteman Airport by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The motion comes just weeks after a pilot was rescued by Los Angeles police officers after a crash near the airport.

The dramatic rescue, moments before a train crashed into the downed plane, was caught on body cam video.

In 2020, a pilot was killed after a small plane crashed near a home just shy of the airport.

On Wednesday, a local organizations called for the closing of the Pacoima airport.

“This community deserves the dignity of having a space that really and truly supports this community,” Veronica Padilla, executive director of Pacoima Beautiful, said. “We see these accidents too often, and we can’t keep coming out here every time there’s an accident.”

The motion calls for the L.A. County Board of Public Works to look into things like noise pollution, air quality and health risks. After 60 days, the department’s director will report back on their findings, which would include possible next steps, the L.A. Daily News reported.