SoCal fast-food workers join in statewide strike demanding better conditions

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Southern California fast-food workers are joining in a statewide strike demanding better conditions and fair wages.

Workers gathered at a McDonald’s in Monterey Park Tuesday to protest unsafe conditions, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Fight for $15 Los Angeles indicated that particular location ignored mandates and the safety of their employees.

Protesters were joined by elected officials who touted AB 257, which would strengthen unions and offer protections to workers.

Strikers told KTLA that this is not just a fight about minimum wage. It’s about sanitation, their health and their day-to-day life at work.

Carlos, who works at a McDonald’s along Crenshaw Boulevard, called the working conditions at his location “terrible” and “impossible.” He said there’s no air-conditioning, and they are short staffed, forcing some to work 16-hour shifts.

When he brought up his frustration to management, they did little to fix the conditions, Carlos told KTLA.

Imelda Rosales said that those who raise their voices get penalized with less hours. She added that it’s why AB 257 is necessary, so their voices are heard.

“We want better conditions at work,” Rosales said. “My shoulder is really damaged … and they don’t care. They think that we are a robot, not a person.”

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