The Los Angeles Metro subway cars are being upgraded. 

Metro took to social media on Friday to show off the exterior of the new train cars, one of which appears to have bright yellow accents to contrast with the classic metal outside of subway cars. 

The HR4000 trains, which are manufactured by Chinese company CRRC and assembled in Springfield, Massachusetts, are set to replace some original subway vehicles that are nearing the end of their service lifespan. 

A total of 64 new subway cars arrived in L.A. on Saturday to add capacity to the B and D lines as the system grows. 

The cars are arranged in a side seating layout, a video posted to Metro’s Facebook page said. Additionally, there will be an “open gangway” design between cars, meaning that riders will no longer have to open emergency doors to travel from car to car. 

Several people were quick to comment on the beauty of the new cars and wished that they would look that clean for a long time. 

“All the homeless will appreciate their new sleeping quarters,” said one user on Instagram

“If only we didn’t have vandalism, then we would have nice things for longer,” said another Instagram user. 

All construction work on the D Line extension through central and western Los Angeles is anticipated to be completed by 2027, according to Metro