A Los Angeles based nonprofit organization is making a trip to Tennessee to create a memorial to honor the six victims killed in a mass shooting at a private Christian grade school on Monday

Classroom of Compassion will be creating six public altars, each dedicated to the six lives lost in the tragedy that unfolded at The Covenant School in Nashville. Three 9-year-olds were killed in addition to three adults who worked at the school. 

“As part of this community healing space, Classroom of Compassion will also be providing on-site public arts programming to help the community process and come together after this devastating attack,” the nonprofit said in a statement. 

Visitors to the memorial space will have the opportunity to leave flowers and notes and “offer compassion” to the community. 

Classroom of Compassion recently created a community memorial at Star Ballroom Dance Studio in Monterey Park to honor the 11 victims that died there in a mass shooting in February. The nonprofit has been traveling across the country over the past year to create memorial spaces at the sites of mass shootings.