If you’re looking for some extra holiday cash, a Los Angeles man wants to pay you $300 to hold his place in line to see Santa.

The man, named Ben, posted the request on the side hustle app, Airtasker, which allows for people to get paid for doing various odd jobs.

Ben is hoping to take his kids to meet Santa Claus at the Grove shopping center in the Fairfax District on Dec. 23.

The only problem? There aren’t any available reservations and waiting in line can take upwards of 90 minutes.

“I tried to make reservations for my 2 young kids to get pictures with Santa at The Grove, but they’re fully booked, and we have to do walk-in instead,” Ben wrote on Airtasker. “Waiting in line with 2 young kids is a lot. I just need someone to wait in line for me until it’s our turn.”

It’s one of the latest examples of people outsourcing their Christmas tasks to strangers in hopes of making their holiday plans go more smoothly.

Airtasker also had local listings for people to decorate Christmas trees, put lights on a home and even cook Christmas dinner for 10 people. Two of those jobs came with offers as high as $1,000 for the person to complete it.

It’s unclear if Ben has found someone to wait in line for him and his kids, but it’s likely there will be no shortage of people willing to stand in line for an hour or so if it helps fill their stocking with cash.